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CD"The Supernatural Fitness Personal Training Program" contains all the exciting Spiritual principles of the program, read by the author in a "one on one" format to you! This 4 CD set, complete with workbook, teaches you how to overcome the work of the enemy and gives YOU PERSONALLY the step by step instructions for starting a brand new lifestyle of renewed physical health. Let Peggy train YOU!

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"With weight loss being the "nightmare" of so many women (and men) these days, we need a "supernatural" answer! This book gives us solid principles and great ideas for achieving our goals of looking and feeling our best. I believe if one truly desires to get healthy and trust God to help them, this book is for just such a person! " -Marla H.

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Supernatural Fitness is for:

  • The Believer who values the Word of God!
  • The Believer who desires to experience the Power of God!
  • The Believer who wants to lose weight, get in shape and feel better about themselves than they ever have before!