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CD"The Supernatural Fitness Personal Training Program" contains all the exciting Spiritual principles of the program, read by the author in a "one on one" format to you! This 4 CD set, complete with workbook, teaches you how to overcome the work of the enemy and gives YOU PERSONALLY the step by step instructions for starting a brand new lifestyle of renewed physical health. Let Peggy train YOU!

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"After reading the book "Supernatural Fitness", my eyes were opened to an entirely different mindset about weight loss and being healthy in general! I'm thrilled to incorporate the truths I've learned into my daily life style. It is TIME for us, as believers to take authority over this aspect in our lives. Realizing that the "Blood of Jesus" could be such a part of being healthy is an amazing concept!" -Brenda B.

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Supernatural Fitness is for:

  • The Believer who values the Word of God!
  • The Believer who desires to experience the Power of God!
  • The Believer who wants to lose weight, get in shape and feel better about themselves than they ever have before!